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Gamification and serious game designer, speaker, author, executive coach and

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An Coppens is a leading expert in gamification for learner and employee engagement, with over 20 years experience in creating behaviour change through creative and innovative solutions. She speaks and writes about the topic and is the founder and CEO of Gamification Nation both in London, UK and Stockholm, Sweden.

Her company Gamification Nation, won the Outstanding Gamification Agency Award in 2017 at Gamification Europe and the Excellence in No-Tech Gamification Design in 2018 at GamiCon 18. In 2018 she was listed in the elite of e-learning professionals.

Throughout her career An has worked alongside senior leaders and HR professionals to create solutions that get the results people want to achieve. She has been an L&D Manager, in-house and external trainer, learning experience designer, change management consultant, project manager and business coach. 

With her business coaching practice B/Right Business Coaching, she won the European Coaching Achievement Award in 2006, when her clients nominated her for the results they achieved with her encouragement. She worked on the TV-show ‘How long will you live?’ on RTE in Ireland as a TV-guest expert on work-life balance and change management.

In her career today she has worked with global brands in media, finance, education and FMCG markets, she has advised 100’s of business owners and inspired 1000’s of individuals to level up their game.


My passions 

I have always been passionate about leadership, behaviour change, reading, writing and games as well as making a difference. That is what has influenced the career choices I made and the businesses I chose to operate. As an 8 year old I was making crossword games to exchange with a friend of the family and always loved making it challenging so he could enjoy it for longer. 

Sports and business soon replaced crosswords and despite my short size I did play national level basketball. It was there I discovered strategy and coaching probably was my stronger point. As a teenager I coached 2 boys teams and was often a selected coach for the Flemish sport federation for sports camps aimed at girls and boys. Coaching lead me to study great coaches and leaders and that has influenced my style of work ever since.

Creative problem solving is another trait that has travelled the distance in my life and career. I started the school magazine in my secondary school in Antwerp, Belgium and we launched after doing a questionnaire about the school, the teachers etc and one of the team drew amazing caricatures hence we had a sell-out and re-print of our first issue. Fun times! The early entrepreneur was definitely there.

Travel was always on the agenda and exploring new cultures has meant that throughout my life I have lived in Belgium, Ireland, France, UK and Sweden. Most of my jobs involved travel to work with people in many countries around leaderships, change and most recently gamification and game design. What fascinates me most is that ultimately we all want to be recognised for our own special skills and blend of experiences. Everyone needs that mentor or coach or leader at some point who brings out the best in them. I have been privileged to work with many great coaches and leaders and inspire probably many more and hopefully continue to do so as I grow older and keep learning new lessons.

I hope you enjoy my digital musings, books, talks or if we work together my work also. I appreciate you for checking in 🙂


Tapping Into the Crowd

How to create competitive advantage from the Inside Out.

Available now from Amazon. In the book An talks about the emergence of crowd sourcing and how this is relevant to employee engagement. She shares how examples and how others have approached this. She also explains how gamification can add to the mix.

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